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Delft Company

We are providing the best practical solutions

Delft Company is 100% a local company established in order to provide unparalleled customer service to organizations operating in both public & private sectors in Iraq & Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
We are aiming to provide the best practical solutions to our customers according to our Top Management’s Solid Experience and Professional Team.  Our company solution comprises of submitting attractive commercial proposals, detailed technical compatibility as per the project specifications and most importantly supply of Genuine Materials from well-established manufactures & suppliers with proper Traceability and Documentation.

We are committed to employing sustainable business practices, conducting ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner, and complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations.  Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines our commitment to our values, and we expect our employees to uphold these standards at work every day.  At our core, we are friendly and personal and we build business relationships with all our stakeholders that last long-term and to create win-win situations for all involved parties.


Our Vision

To be one of the leading general trading companies in the region specialized in various business fields and our customers shall consider us responsible and effective.

Our Mission

Is to deploy our long-standing experience in business & consultancy services for unconditional customers’ satisfaction and highest quality & productivity throughout all our projects, while providing effective & efficient proposals & solutions.

Our Objective

Time and safety are always our priorities, as our company has been desirous of clean record and free from any delay in delivery dates and free from accidents in its projects. Our structure and people are fully committed to offer the local market with the highest level of service and satisfaction without losing sight of each customer’s specific requirements & budget. The safety of our customers & their employees is important to us and our clients as it reduces the operating cost and increases their productivity by eliminating the wasted time due to accidents and/or injuries.

Our Commitment

We are open, reacting, professional and committed to our clients’ needs and proving ourselves as a loyal and honest business partner. We do not take any risk to disgrace our reputation and we never compromise in our commercial dealings. Regarding the social aspect our company is reputable and performing its responsibilities towards safety which reflected on its development and mindset.