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Damaging buried utilities can be both expensive and dangerous and can also seriously impact companies’ reputations. Superior detection tools, such as Radiodetection’s, allow you to identify and trace underground infrastructure. Radiodetection’s range comprise of Precision Locators, Cable Avoidance Tools, Magnetic Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Dehydrators and Cable Test Technology.


The Pearpoint range of products is designed for pipeline inspection and is used for Municipal, Industrial, Manufacturing, Petrochemical and Residential Applications. Pearpoint’s fully modular commercial range, designed to work in the treacherous terrain of active foul water sewers, delivers centered pipeline inspection capabilities from 1¼” / 32mm pipes up to 60” / 1500mm main drains.


A worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing Magnetic Locators, which aid in detecting, tracing, repairing, maintaining and recovering ferrous metal objects, up to 20’ (6 m) below the surface of the ground.

Sensors & Software

is recognized worldwide as an innovative designer and manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) instrumentation and software. Sensors & Software develop GPR systems and software for numerous applications, including Utility Locating, Concrete Scanning, Structural Assessment, Mining and Quarrying, Forensics, Archaeology, Geology, Geotechnical and Environmental Assessment, Glaciology, Agriculture, and UXO Detection.

Arflu Industrial Valves

With more than 25 years’ experience, Arflu has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial valves (sizes from 1⁄4” to 60”) for the Petrochemical, Gas, Water & Desalination, Energy and Marine markets, under its brand ARFLU. It is dedicated to the production of High-Quality Valves.

Sorcons Building Material Industry Co.

Established in Turkiye, manufactures and sells waterproofing materials and chemicals for buildings. For many years, Sorcons has reflected its experience in the field of construction to its products. Sorcons offers building materials solutions to its valued customers and business partners at affordable prices.